Fine Little Day Pirum Parum Pear Print

Design by Fine Little Day, Sweden

Elisabeth Dunker is the founder of Fine Little Day, a multi-disciplinary art and design platform. Elisabeth also works as a freelance illustrator, stylist and photographer with interior design and fashion, as well as being devoted to studio violet – a joint venture with artist Camilla Engman, working on anything from graphic design to illustration and photography.

Elisabeth finds inspiration in all things hand made such as folk art, outsider art and children’s art. “established design and art can also be interesting and appealing of course, but creative expressions outside cultural norms usually affect me most". On her list of clients you'll find names such as Urban Outfitters and Kosta Boda amongst some.

This super cute poster was inspired by a Swedish nursery rhyme. Say "Apple Papple" to a Swede and he/she will fill in with "Pirum Parum". Featuring a blend of soft grey and pink hues, this little gorgous face fills you with instant love. Would make a lovely piece of art around the home, not just in the kids room.

Product detail:

Size: 50x70cm

Material: printed on 170g off-white paper

Misc: Sold unframed and delivered in strong postal tube
Fine Little Day Pirum Parum Pear Print from Little Baby Company

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